Documenting Complexity got up close with innovative artists, documentary filmmakers, curators, activists and journalists. These talks are the integral conversations in which these professionals discuss different viewpoints on storytelling, technology and activism. Watch the full talks chronologically or move directly to the topics of your interest clicking the buttons below.

Casper Sonnen & Nele Eeckhout

Nele Eeckhout, audio maker at AudioCollectief SCHIK, and Caspar Sonnen, head of New Media at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and curator of IDFA DocLab, get together in this talk to discuss the emergence of new forms and technologies in documentary making, the relationship between the maker and the public, and the makers’ role when representing the complexity of reality. They reflect on their own work discussing the challenges they face as a maker or curator. Nele and Caspar analyze their projects, from podcast series such as Bob, Laura H., and El Tarangu to digital experiences and interactive installations such as Motto.

Marije Martens & Anoek Nuyens

The second talk is between Marije Martens, co-founder of We Are Europe and project leader of DROG, and Anouk Nuyens, writer and journalistic theater maker. They talk about activism, the limits of journalism and the importance of international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Topics such as disinformation, objectivism, independence and the role of the maker are also discussed. The themes are linked to various projects and productions, such as the theater performance De zaak Shell, the media outlet Are We Europe and DROG, an organization that provides data-driven solutions.

Bregtje van der Haak & Emmie Kollau

Emmie Kollau, producer, radio and documentary maker, and Bregtje van der Haak, documentary maker, journalist and creative media innovator take the lead in the third talk. They discuss the importance of a reliable storyteller and about finding the right way to tell a story. Topics such as activism, impact, nuance, manipulation and engagement are also discussed. In this talk, various projects and productions are mentioned including the podcast Lopende Band Werk, the documentary  Lagos Wide and Close, the Iron Curtain Project and the pop-up museum How To Survive Democracy.