Emotion and empathy

Podcast Bob and storytelling

Caspar and Nele talk about the podcast Bob by AudioCollectief SCHIK. Caspar tells why he thinks this podcast is so successful.

The endless possibilities of technology

Caspar and Nele watch a fragment of Polymorf, a Dutch collective design experience on multisensory experiences. They discuss the infinite possibilities of technology, specifically when creating stories in audio, and the importance of collaboration with other makers.

Empathy and activism in journalism

Anoek explains that she likes to connect to her subject to really understand it and to be able to expose bigger systems. Some journalists consider this problematic as they fear she will lose her autonomy and independency. Anoek and Marije disagree.


Nele and Caspar talk about the different layers in a story and to what extent a maker can do justice to reality. Nele also describes the ethical challenges she faced when making the podcast Bob.

The goal of journalistic theatre

Marije and Anoek meet for the first time and discuss the similarities and differences between their work. They discuss collaboration across borders and journalistic theatre. Anoek explains that she tries to show her audience how complex systems work using theatre.

Objectivity in journalistic theatre

Anoek also talks about why she tries to create connection with her subject, rather than remain objective and distant.

Emotion and empathy in journalistic theatre

Anoek explains the role of empathy and emotion in her work. She also tells about the strengths of theatre for journalistic stories. Anoek explains why she decided to go back to print magazines for the same reasons.

Wrap up and new insights

Anoek & Marije discuss their insights after having talked for over an hour.