Innovative technologies

How did we meet?

Caspar and Nele look back at their last encounter at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Podcast Bob and storytelling

Caspar and Nele talk about the podcast Bob by AudioCollectief SCHIK. Caspar tells why he thinks this podcast is so successful.

Relation maker and public

After watching a fragment of Ira Glass, Caspar and Nele discuss the rise of podcasts and to what extent it is important to keep innovating as a maker. They also talk about the relationship between the maker and the public.

A collective experience
through Motto

Nele and Caspar watch a fragment on the digital experience Motto. Caspar mentions some of the important makers that are researching new technologies and interactive experiences like Motto.

Complexity of reality

Nele and Caspar talk about the project ‘The Leaked Recipes Cookbook’. They discuss the challenges they face regarding the complexity of reality.

The endless possibilities of technology

Caspar and Nele watch a fragment of Polymorf, a Dutch collective design experience on multisensory experiences. They discuss the infinite possibilities of technology, specifically when creating stories in audio, and the importance of collaboration with other makers.

Inspiration and innovation

Nele and Caspar discuss what they take away from this conversation: new insights, inspiration and innovation.

Interactive documentaries

Bregtje tells us how she built the interactive documentary Lagos Wide And Close in an attempt to give the user the opportunity to create their own story and to dive into different perspectives, with the goal to provide transparency.

Lagos Wide and Close bekijken

How to archive the right way

Bregtje explains a paradox: there is much more information nowadays, but at the same time it’s increasingly hard to find the right information. She tells about Archives of the Future, a project that uses AI to help people to find video content.

Multi-media projects

Emmie tells about the Iron Curtain Project, an international exhibition with stories about democracy.

Iron Curtain Project bekijken


Nele explains how the idea for the audiowalk ‘So You Still Sort of Have the Same Number’ was developed. Caspar describes how he experienced the audiowalk.

Storytelling in Laura H.

Caspar and Nele talk about the podcast Laura H. by AudioCollectief SCHIK and publisher Das Mag. Nele explains how the idea for this podcast came about, what choices were made and which difficulties she experienced in this process.

Identity of the maker

Caspar asks Nele about her identity as a maker: what word describes best what she does? They also talk about funding.

The emergence of innovative technologies

Caspar explains how he assesses new work within the world of new media as curator of IDFA DocLab. Together with Nele, he discusses the emergence and development of innovative technologies like virtual reality.

Choosing the right form for a story

Caspar and Nele talk about the development of podcasts and selecting the suitable form and length for a story. According to Nele, the first question should always remain: is the story suitable in audio?

Wrap up and new insights

Anoek & Marije discuss their insights after having talked for over an hour.

Collaboration across disciplines & borders - Design Sprint

Marije about the Are We Europe Design Sprint, that is used to enable people to collaborate across disciplines and borders.