Relation maker and public

Relation maker and public

After watching a fragment of Ira Glass, Caspar and Nele discuss the rise of podcasts and to what extent it is important to keep innovating as a maker. They also talk about the relationship between the maker and the public.

A collective experience
through Motto

Nele and Caspar watch a fragment on the digital experience Motto. Caspar mentions some of the important makers that are researching new technologies and interactive experiences like Motto.

The endless possibilities of technology

Caspar and Nele watch a fragment of Polymorf, a Dutch collective design experience on multisensory experiences. They discuss the infinite possibilities of technology, specifically when creating stories in audio, and the importance of collaboration with other makers.

Interactive documentaries

Bregtje tells us how she built the interactive documentary Lagos Wide And Close in an attempt to give the user the opportunity to create their own story and to dive into different perspectives, with the goal to provide transparency.

Lagos Wide and Close bekijken

Storytelling and imagination in podcasts

Emmie and Bregtje discuss the role of fiction and imagination in audio stories. She wonders how Emmie tries to evoke visual images with her audio storytelling. Emmie elaborates on her collaboration with artists and designers.

Transparency on the influence of the maker

Bregtje shows part of an episode of Tegenlicht. She explains how she tries to show that her stories are constructed and not a perfect representation of reality. She discusses with Emmie how this works in audio stories.

How to reach people that you disagree with

Anoek and Marije discuss how they try to interact with their audiences and how to reach people that are not interested in hearing their stories.

20 years Tegenlicht

Emmie Kollau wonders how Tegenlicht has changed in a rapidly evolving media landscape over the past 20 years.

How to stay transparent

Emmie and Bregtje discuss the choices they make to do justice to the complexity of a story and to stay transparent. Emmie explains how she uses voice overs to stick to the facts when her interviewee does not. Bregtje went to Saudie-Arabia and explains the choices she made to give the audience an honest idea of what life in this country is like.

Saudie-Arabia fragment bekijken

Identity of the maker

Caspar asks Nele about her identity as a maker: what word describes best what she does? They also talk about funding.


Nele and Caspar talk about the different layers in a story and to what extent a maker can do justice to reality. Nele also describes the ethical challenges she faced when making the podcast Bob.

Choosing the right form for a story

Caspar and Nele talk about the development of podcasts and selecting the suitable form and length for a story. According to Nele, the first question should always remain: is the story suitable in audio?

International collaboration

Marije tells Anoek about Are We Europe, a media-outlet that she founded that aims to collaborate across borders, nationalities and generations, and the impact she hopes to have.

Wrap up and new insights

Anoek & Marije discuss their insights after having talked for over an hour.