Relation maker and topic

How to pick the right perspective

Emmie and Bregtje discuss how to show different perspectives to a story and how, while doing so, to do justice to the complexity of it. They reflect on their role as makers when they make decisions about the voices and perspectives that are heard in their work.

Transparency on the influence of the maker

Bregtje shows part of an episode of Tegenlicht. She explains how she tries to show that her stories are constructed and not a perfect representation of reality. She discusses with Emmie how this works in audio stories.

Multi-media projects

Emmie tells about the Iron Curtain Project, an international exhibition with stories about democracy.

Iron Curtain fragment bekijken

The temptation of a good storyline

Emmie tells about her podcast Buiten de Muren (Outside the Walls) for which she follows ex-convicts for a year. This raises ethical dilemma’s: as a maker, you want to stick to reality, but you also need a good storyline.

Storytelling in Laura H.

Caspar and Nele talk about the podcast Laura H. by AudioCollectief SCHIK and publisher Das Mag. Nele explains how the idea for this podcast came about, what choices were made and which difficulties she experienced in this process.

Objectivity in journalistic theatre

Anoek also talks about why she tries to create connection with her subject, rather than remain objective and distant.

How to create journalistic theatre

Anoek explains the research she does when she creates a journalistic theatre piece, such as De Zaak Shell (The Case Shell). Marije also wonders where she gets her ideas from.

Emotion and empathy in journalistic theatre

Anoek explains the role of empathy and emotion in her work. She also tells about the strengths of theatre for journalistic stories. Anoek explains why she decided to go back to print magazines for the same reasons.

Wrap up and new insights

Anoek & Marije discuss their insights after having talked for over an hour.